Audit & Assurance Services

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Audits and reviews can improve a company’s efficiency and profitability by helping management (and designated third parties) better understand the financial changes in the business, as well as, by providing assurance that the risks in their organization are well-studied and mitigated.

Audits also help identify areas that need improvement, and define how proper changes can be tested and implemented.

If your organization is required to be audited annually, we can help.
Some of the services we provide include:

  Audits, Reviews & Compilations

  Transaction Due Diligence

Agreed-upon procedures 
Outsourced Internal Audit function

Third party Audit Support and Liaison

Five main types of audit:

Financial Statement Audits address questions of accounting, recording, and reporting of financial transactions, as well as, adequacy of internal controls.

Compliance or Internal Control Audits seek to determine if processes adhere to policy and procedure.

Operational Audits examine the use of resources to evaluate whether those resources are being utilized in the most efficient and effective way to meet operational objectives.

Investigative Audits focus on alleged violations of laws and may result in prosecution or disciplinary action.

Information Systems (or Technology) Audits address the internal control environment of automated information processing systems and how these systems are used.

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